War forever because the dajjal is here I think. And the war machine needs constant feeding as the economy crumbles and we become more enslaved. Divide the people always. Muslims sunni and shia sects killing each other. And they speak of Kurds like they’re aliens… Stadiums built on broken bones to appease the masses. Entertainment spectacles flash across one eyed screens for all to consume. I swear to Allah this world leaves a bitter taste. I swear to Allah I’ve never felt secure in its presence. Anytime I become arrogant Allah makes my world crumble. I’ve lost so much I’ve invested. So I have little joy in this dunya except in good deeds for the Next Life. I have much misery and suffering and I hate this satanic place, the mindsets are lost. Stick to myself. Don’t remember my name. All I want is Jannah. All I want is Jannah. All I want is Jannah. Let my life and death please you Allah. No matter how much suffering or happiness I have here, give me Hell here rather then in the Next Life. And so this life is my taste of Hell at my own hands. And that is real suffering. But I can’t despair of Allah’s Mercy. I want Jannah tul Firdaus.

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I love this picture because it shows the contrast between the world’s wealthy and poor. Thousands of residents in Brazil were kicked out at gunpoint from their homes. These are city slums created by the poor from scrap, formed by migrants who came to serve as cheap labor to these cities like San Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. The same thing happened in China other places when the Olympics or sports go there. The bottom line in this world capitalist system is money. Everybody wants it. Some people are so desperate for it they’ll swallow a kilo of drugs and go through an airport. Drug mules risking their lives for maybe a few thousand dollars. But then you got the elite class, they don’t need drug mules. They can just stock their private jets with drugs and travel freely no problem. They got their own armed security, they got a team of lawyers, they got electric fences, they got politicians in their pockets. Money buys freedom, if you spend it right. The masses of people are not super wealthy, but we are as a collective guilty too. When we glorify wealthy, just because they are, when we value money, looks, fame, over truth, value, compassion, then we are turning to satanism. All the wealth is an illusion. Being wealthy or poor doesn’t make people are bad or good. You can be greedy and shallow no matter how poor you are, or uncivilized and ignorant no matter how wealthy you are. Here’s a general idea, how about all millionaires from entertainment, such as sports, television, and music, and all investment bankers and stock brokers pay 75% income tax. And all people who do jobs that benefit society, and make less than $50,000 a year pay 10% to no taxes. Or tax existing wealth. Or just tax spending… But really we need new evolved systems of governance because in our current ones the elite buy politicians to vote in favor of the legislation that the elite pay private corporations to write up in their favor. Nationalism is dead and dying all over, even in China. It’s not really a rich vs poor mentality that should follow, it should be justice and equal rights vs injustice and unequal rights.


I want to effect as maximum change as I can… Become like a walking encyclopedia, store more information in my brain. Study war and peace, love and hate, man and ape, heavens and Earth. From ancient Egypt to modern day Tunisia, Capitalism to Communism, all the mixtures of reality and theory. Khilafah of the past to Khilafah of the Future. Technology from the wheel to the contact computer, and beyond to teleportation and cyborg organisms. Take charge of the reigns and shift towards what we envision to create our Vision. Learn from all and constantly evolve. Strategy and tactics. Supreme destination. Pure intentions. A planetary civilization is upon us, it need not be held by corruption and fear. No. We will bind it by collective prosperity and advancement. Don’t tell us what is impossible, we don’t trust the squares and robots. Us who are Visionaries, with great dreams, with big hearts, with foreheads bowed to The One. It takes balanced beings to build balanced societies. So give a monkey some H20 to quench his thirst. Show mercy to the helpless so perhaps He will show Mercy to us who are helpless on Judgement Day, naked before Him. #imthirstynow


Shia destroy this country…

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This picture made me cry… No matter who you support, No matter what.

All they want is our attention to them like our attention to the current world cup.

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Let it be known

on children. CHILDREN.

It amazes me, how many of you DON’T CARE about Syria. You’ll talk social justice day and long, but when it comes to Muslim children being murdered, suddenly y’all are silent. I see not even ANYWHERE near the amount of discussion and information I should be seeing about this GENOCIDE.

It amazes me that people still support the rebels after they straight up murder prisoners and use child soldiers.

I really don’t think america should be intervening either. I can’t see how it will help.

This Syria situation is bullshit. Israel and America just want to create Afghanistan 2.0 to keep the Arabs divided and fighting so the Jews can continue to dominate the resources of the Middle East. There are important oil pipelines running through Syria, as well as Palestinian refugees and other entities of note to those snakes.

Assad is not perfect, but he kept the Christians and Muslims living in PEACE and happiness, and kept local national economy alive. Ever notice how now companies like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are setting up in Syrian cities now? More money for Jewish executives.

God will have a reckoning on them.

LOL I love Arab Christian logic.

Firstly… Coca Cola is owned by the vatican… which is catholic or christian. Also I should add that the CEO of coca cola is a Turkish Muslim. His name is Muhtar Kent. McDonald’s is owned by each franchisee, and a multitude of corporate investors… some are jewish, most ARE NOT! Why would any company want to set up business in a war zone?

Dictator is in power and stable- “America and Israel keep him there to opress the people!!!”

People fight to overthrow the dictator- “America and Israel are making war among Arabs to hurt the people!!!”

The dictator is overthrown and replaced by another - “America and Israel supported him to opress the people!!!”

The dictator is overthrown and not replaced by another- “America and Israel want to cause instability to oppress the people!!!”

Did it ever dawn on you that you misfortunes are actually the result of your own actions, not of someone else’s?

Assad is a lunatic dictator. He and his allies in Russia and Iran are behind everything bad that happenedin Syria so far. He should’ve stepped down from day one Syrian people asked him to and there would’ve been no war and no division today! Like father, like son. http://www.theguardian.com/theguardian/from-the-archive-blog/2011/aug/01/hama-syria-massacre-1982-archive.

And you shouldn’t believe negative stereotypes about Jews controlling everything. You’re pathetic, and you have no proof to any of the bullcrap you had wrote

Shut your mouth you fucking snake. I am not going to talk with a fucking deceptive Christ-killer. Why don’t you go back to your gay bar in Tel Aviv you devil spawn?

Shut the fuck up you fucking liar. christianity is cultural genocide. christians wiped out and enslaved entire races of people, stole entire continents of land and resources, and waged their white supremacist holy war crusades against non-european non-christians for centuries. Fuck them and fuck their bullshit jesus.

Jesus would be fucking pissed if he saw Christianity..The christians should be thankful..its the jews that are feeding their asses.

I don’t give a fuck what you think. You willingly choose to ignore the crimes committed by white western european christians against the non-white non-european non-christian people of the world, you are demonstrating complicity with their crimes. You’re calling me hateful? Bitch, take a look at the white supremacist anti-Muslim anti-jewish websites,videos, youtube channels that are in the millions promoting genocide and hatred of Muslims,Muslims are not waging a propaganda war against christians.

The only hypocrites I see are the white western european christians like you who hope to impose a triple standard against Muslims when your people have caused more suffering than all other religious and ethnic groups combined. Your people are the most vile hypocrites alive today and they deny their history and deny the fucked up things they do to this very day and attempt to remove christian accountability from their religiously motivated criminal actions.

It took you over a week to reply with nothing but your disgusting whining? You are just making a bigger fool of yourself than the rest of the civilized world sees you. Even blacks and Muslims hate Christ-killers. You will burn in Hell anyway for eternity, so go back to worshipping your secret Khazar penis deities and fucking donkeys and little boys.

That’s not true, jesus never existed don’t try and push christian propaganda here. He is a fictional character based off of several pagan deities predating him by thousands of years. watch?v=LCRYLoSLYB4 watch?v=iaGeef6PmV4

I don’t see any Arab Muslims adopting African children just to abuse and murder them. That’s a white christian thing, since the time of the genocide in Australia where Aboriginal children were taken from their families and had all sorts of horrible things done to them by the white chrisitans, up to today, european christians have been committing atrocities without ever having to worry about the media exposing or even criticizing their racial or religious background.

You have the audacity to call anyone else a racist? Take a look at the massive amount of racism and pure hatred that exist within your white christian cult you piece of shit, and then try can anyone else a racist you white trash piece of shit. You white pieces of shit are the most hateful genocidal scum on the planet and you’ve used the bullshit white european made religion of christianty to enslave and affirm your supremacy over everyone else by making them worship a white jesus. Fuck you.

There’s christians pushing anti-Muslim anti-Jewish propaganda all over the fucking internet and most if not all of it is bullshit.

i agree about white christians but JewsS are not better

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Shia always harm Islam. Shia are from Ibne saba a jewish, so shia always help jews. In history, Shia helped Crusaders against Islam. Shia helped Halku khan, Shia helped USA in Afghanistan. Shia helped USA in Iraq, then how Shia are Muslim? Shia are Kafir and Jewish agent to harm Islam like Qadiani.

Unfortunately, people like this exist.

Get the fuck out of here you shia piece of shit. You’re working with the christians in the U.S army and in Syria to kill the Sunni Muslims in that country. Fuck you shia piece of shit.

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Let it be known

on children. CHILDREN.

It amazes me, how many of you DON’T CARE about Syria. You’ll talk social justice day and long, but when it comes to Muslim children being murdered, suddenly y’all are silent. I see not even ANYWHERE near the amount of discussion and information I should be seeing about this GENOCIDE.


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Syrian coordination committees: with the end of the day documenting 128 people, including 10 women, 15 children and 5 martyrs under torture

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Relax, take a sip

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